Get Your Business Rolling: Digital Marketing

Starting a business is tough. Digital marketing is tougher. You’re already busy doing what you do best, but MARKETING IS VITAL! Here are some easy tips and tricks on how to capture quality digital content and not lose momentum in your niche.

  • Camera Phones:
    • You purchased a top of the line smartphone, hopefully, to keep your business efficient and on the go. That quality phone should have a quality camera. Use it! Play around with your phone’s camera & recorder. Try out every function. I guarantee that $800 camera you think you need; is in your pocket. You must unlock your inner photographer/videographer for the sake of your business growth.
  • Daily routines:
    • Capturing enough content can seem overwhelming. “I don’t have enough videos.” “I don’t have time to take pictures.” Start by capturing content daily. Maintaining a practice of taking a picture or video once a day, at least, will give you bundles of content and force of habit. Schedule this time into your routine if need be. We know how it is building a business from scratch. Finances are tight, the hustle is tough, and your Marketing Director is standing in the mirror. Market yourself.
  • Keep It Short:
    • Modern life is fast-paced. Technology connects us all in the blink of an eye. Most viewers barely spend more than 10 seconds on a video; even less if it doesn’t capture their interest in the first 5 seconds. Keep your content short, informational, and to the point. We suggest keeping promotional videos under 30 seconds. Informational videos should be 45-60 seconds long. Honestly, we try keeping 70% of our video content at 15 seconds in length. You get the PICTURE. *badam tst* *crowd laughs*
  • Social Media Specifics:
    • What platform is this content being created for? Facebook? Instagram? Newsfeed post or story post? This is where you must be forward thinking with your content. Newsfeed posts are better shot in landscape (horizontal); while story posts appear better in a portrait (vertical) shot. Be intentional about your posts and its platforms. Marketing is no longer about a single platform as much as a strategy of components.
  • Tools of the Trade:
    • No one is expecting you to be Stephen Spielberg, but you are expected to display adequate content. Invest in a small tripod. Better yet, here is some advice from our notch Media Specialist.

“A tabletop tripod for your phone or camera is great for steady photos and videos. If you have a big budget and film more often, invest in a phone gimbal. This is great for on the go filming, steady shots as you walk and talk, walkthrough videos and more. You can have a lot of fun with one of these.” – J.Media

Useful apps:

  • Animated Text, great for creating animated story posts with a custom photo and your desired text
  • Story Art – great for creating beautiful and unique story posts

Useful tools:

  • Tripod
  • Gimbal

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