Promotional Gear 101: For Bed or For Branding?

We’ve noticed one promotional misstep in all our years in screen printing and custom t-shirt design. Businesses sacrifice quality for price when it comes to promotional clothing. We’re not talking about sacrificing design or print quality (at least not with us), but the shirt cut, material, or fit. Consumers absolutely care about the quality of a shirt. Is it soft? Is it tight? Does it shrink enough to fit my chihuahua after one wash? We’re not saying the go to Gildan 100% cotton isn’t effective in getting your name out there, or that there aren’t people who prefer it, but how often do you see somebody sitting down at a restaurant drinking a cold one wearing it? Not that often. I’ve received numerous shirts from the University of Houston for free. They’re always 100% cotton, and they ALWAYS end up becoming a sleep tee, gym tee, or yard tee. One day on that same campus a business called College Ave was handing out free shirts for emails (I always write in fake emails). To my surprise the shirt was a polyester/cotton blend, and quickly became one of my favorite shirts. In fact, the only reason I can remember the company’s name and that they provide student loans is because *BAM* I wear it all the time! Ultimately the choice is yours. Do you want your business’s custom shirt only worn for bed? Or Will you go the extra mile, so your company’s logo becomes someone’s favorite tee?

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